Southborough, Massachusetts

I got my cell recharged for 100rs and 1 hour later I get a msg saying I have been subscribed to "the funny message" service and instantly 30rs was deducted!!!

I called up customer care to enquire and they don't have a clue what they are doing there. The person said it wont happen in future. I said I don't care about the future but I want my present problem to be fixed.

She bluntly replied they were helpless and said it was my fault because I would have subscribed by answering a random call from docomo or would have replied to a flash msg.

I had flash msgs deactivated to my phone, to which she replied she couldn't do anything about it and further did not seem to be a bit bothered when I said I will deactivate the docomo service.

She hung up and I was charged for the customer care call which is usually free!!!!

Ridiculous service with people lease concerned about their customers and concerns.. Please DO NOT BUY DOCOMO. Period!

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